HumS is the story of our sports lovers who decide, at their level, to help and work for this beautiful worldwide cause.
HumS is a non-government organization. Today we are a team of 15 volunteers, from different nationalities, committed and motivated.
Involved in the Olympic Games adventure for Rio 2016 as volunteers, we wish to go further by helping the local population to practice sport in good conditions.
The first step of our organization is to be known, to encourage discussion about it and to find all types of concern from the public.

They speak about Us


Jérôme Tschupp, HumS’ secretary


HumS’ volunteers in Rio – DNA 24/08/2016

Laurent Alliod, HumS’ president – Profil of Oullins September 2016


Rue 89 Strasbourg website article  10/09/16 speaking about our volunteers : ici

Our Purpose

The purpose of HumS is mostly to help the children in emerging countries or in deprived areas in western countries.
We are convinced that sport is a perfect pedagogical tool to:

  • respect himself as well as the others,
  • learn to respect the imposed rule,
  • strengthen the group living, the social life, the friendship,
  • enable to have a healthier life and a better health,
  • give hope of success to children who have little (by enhancing their self esteem),
  • finally give them a smile
  • share with them the Olympic values from baron Pierre de Coubertin.

⇒ Difficult task but not unrealistic.

Our goal

We want to bring all kinds of sport equipment (mainly) to children that cannot have access to them, first in Brazil this summer (North Hemisphere) and then around the world (including Europe).

We have two main axes:

  • recovery of new equipment (or of little use) from the manufacturers, outfitters, sport-merchandisers,…
  • seeking funds from individuals and private enterprises.

Our means

  • Make our organization known via internet, the social networks and to a part of the 50.000 volunteers that will be in Rio during the Olympics.
    Motivate individuals to donate and with their donation they can win jerse
  • Motivate individuals to donate and with their donation they can win jerseys (or objects) autographed by famous athletes.
  • Those jerseys (or objects) will be won by the donors by a random draw.
  • Recovery of new or second hand equipment.
  • Enable some partner enterprises to be with us during humanitarian operations.

Our communication

You can follow our news on that website, especially through our blog as well as our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @HumS_2016

If you want to contact us, you can send an email to the following address: