Humanitarian Action in Rio – Part 2

Back to France, HumS – HUManitarian Sport team has looked for volley-ball equipment and clothes from different clubs or equipment manufacturers. 3 clubs of Lyon’s region have responded to our needs and gave us equipment: Entente Sud lyonnais Francheville,Athletic club, gave us fifty t-shirts through Anne Marie Crozet, AS Caluire Volley-Ball gave us thirty jerseys…
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Humanitarian Action in Rio – Part 1

We are going to tell you the different steps of a humanitarian action. A few months ago in Brazil, we met Lais Catherine Sonkin, who takes care of the favela Morro Dos Prazeres, to give balls and t-shirts in the presence of Eric Tanguy, president the French Federation of Volley-Ball. Our kind donors, the National…
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Raffle donations on the occasion of the 30 years of the Saint Chamond club

The Saint Chamond club will celebrate its 30th anniversary on February 11, 2017 during the National 2 Women’s derby against Romans. HumS will be the humanitarian partner of the event.On this occasion, we are organizing a big DON-BOLA! The principle is the same as for a classic raffle except that the participation tickets are donations…
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Donations for Haiti

The holidays are approaching, HumS begins the distribution of donations. We have entrusted to Cat nearly 250 clothes (t-shirts, hoodies…), balloons, sets of jerseys and a volleyball net. This equipment has left by train to Belgium, then by boat to Haiti (village of Jeremie Grand’Anse recently devastated by hurricane). Cat will be in Haiti in…
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The Club of Saint Chamond to honor!

ESCV, Entente Saint-Chamond Volleyball donated us a new net and 12 new balloons. The club, which already gave us several sets of jerseys, will enable us to provide volleyball equipment to children who need it. A huge thank you to the club and to Delphine Caporiondo! HumS will soon go to Saint Chamond to meet…
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ESL Francheville, a new donor for HumS

Fifty t-shirts have been offered to us by the ESL Francheville, club of athletics in the region of Lyon. You will be informed on this page of the use of all these gifts. Thank you to Anne-Marie Crozet.

Volley-Ball club of Saint Chamond, our new donor!

As promised, we will present you our generous donors this week. Today, we want to thank ESCV, Entente Saint Chamond Volley that gave us more than ten jerseys sets, shorts and tracksuits. An official presentation will take place soon. A big thank you to Delphine Caporiondo.

More than 1100 sports clothes for HumS

Hello everyone ! Sports clothes boxes accumulate …T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, knee pads, shorts .. This is a very good news for HumS! These past weeks, we recovered more than 1100 clothes that we’ll redistribute soon. We will present you our kind donors next week IF YOU ARE IN LYON NEXT WEEK, WE NEED YOU TO…
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To celebrate our 6 months of existence, we have the joy of having more than 1000 likes on our page! 1000 times THANK YOU 🙂 Keep talking about Hums, we need everyone’s help.

Caluire club supports us

A new gift for HumS ! AS Caluire Volley offered us about thirty jerseys and shorts that will be distributed in a future humanitarian operation. Thank you to the club and Charly.