HumS in Serbia

HumS in Serbia

Thomas Charrié, HumS volunteer, traveled to Serbia to meet clubs and players to develop our partnerships and support children’s education through sport. He left Serbia with new partners for the association:

  • Historical Serbian Volleyball Club, Novi Sad – OK VOJVODINA becomes HumS Ambassador,
  • The OK RIBNICA volleyball club in Kraljevo also becomes a partner,
  • Serbian volleyball international players Srećko Lisinac and Uroš Kovačević both playing in Trentino, Italy, have joined the adventure.

Thanks to Nikola Salatić, president of the Vojvodina Novi Sad club, to Siniša Gavrančić, their coach, as well as Luka Ćubrilo, player in this same club.

Thank you also to all the players and staff of the OK RIBNICA team.

Thanks to Srećko Lisinac and Uroš Kovačević for their involvement.

And finally a huge thank you to Thomas Charrié without whom all this would not have been possible.

Thomas with Vojvodina Novi Sad club members

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