You can make a donation:
  • by bank transfer, ask us our bank identity by completing the contact form
  • by bank cheque payable to Hums
    Hums – 102, boulevard Emile Zola – 69600 Oullins – France
  • by credit card (bottom of the page to the left) or by  securely paypal account, using the button below:

     These gifts allow you to participate in a raffle by sports, to win a shirt signed by a top sportsman or a professional team (list here)

Thank you to specify the sports of your choice for the raffle (depend on items available) and if you want a tax receipt (in France, deduction of 66% of the amount of your income taxes).
If you pay taxes the actual cost of your donation is divided by 3.

And for each euro you will give (we are all volunteers), you will help children to practice sport in better conditions.
Thanks for them !