Month: January 2017

Education through sport for all those who have no access to it

The result of our humanitarian action in one video

After receiving jerseys, t-shirts, balloons, a net … the first training at Morro Dos Prazeres. The conclusion for Lais, responsible for this favela: “Sport is fantastic to agglutinate well-intentioned people.” Thanks to all the actors

Humanitarian Action in Rio – Part 4

Wassim Khalfaoui arrived in Rio and went to the favela Morro Dos Prazeres to give all the material to Lais Catherine Sonkin. It was an immense happiness for him and for all the members of this favela. We were obviously delighted that everything went fine and that the material is now well used! Thank you…
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Humanitarian Action in Rio – Part 3

After gathering the necessary equipment, it was necessary to find a way to bring all those equipement to Brazil … Given that we wanted to spend your donations as efficiently as possible and our low financial means, we looked for the cheapest transportation possible. Following a message on a Facebook group in December, we met…
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Humanitarian Action in Rio – Part 2

Back to France, HumS – HUManitarian Sport team has looked for volley-ball equipment and clothes from different clubs or equipment manufacturers. 3 clubs of Lyon’s region have responded to our needs and gave us equipment: Entente Sud lyonnais Francheville,Athletic club, gave us fifty t-shirts through Anne Marie Crozet, AS Caluire Volley-Ball gave us thirty jerseys…
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Humanitarian Action in Rio – Part 1

We are going to tell you the different steps of a humanitarian action. A few months ago in Brazil, we met Lais Catherine Sonkin, who takes care of the favela Morro Dos Prazeres, to give balls and t-shirts in the presence of Eric Tanguy, president the French Federation of Volley-Ball. Our kind donors, the National…
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