Month: October 2016

Education through sport for all those who have no access to it

Volley-Ball club of Saint Chamond, our new donor!

As promised, we will present you our generous donors this week. Today, we want to thank ESCV, Entente Saint Chamond Volley that gave us more than ten jerseys sets, shorts and tracksuits. An official presentation will take place soon. A big thank you to Delphine Caporiondo.

More than 1100 sports clothes for HumS

Hello everyone ! Sports clothes boxes accumulate …T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, knee pads, shorts .. This is a very good news for HumS! These past weeks, we recovered more than 1100 clothes that we’ll redistribute soon. We will present you our kind donors next week IF YOU ARE IN LYON NEXT WEEK, WE NEED YOU TO…
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