Month: August 2016

Education through sport for all those who have no access to it

Hums in Rio: With the association Terr’Ativa

For our third and last action, we went to meet Justine Laborde, from the association Terr’Ativa, who helped children from the favela Morro do Fubà by tutoring and computer courses. They develop more and more sports (fencing, judo…) and shortly volleyball. We were happy to provide them with their first volleyball ball and about thirty…
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HumS in Rio: With the association Edmundo&Olga

For our second action in Rio, we helped an important association who is, for example, feeding once a week more thant 200 families. Sport is part of their programs. Edmundo&Olga is an association developped by Miriam Gomes, the president, and the help of many volunteers and employees. A warm welcome and a nice article on…
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HumS in Rio: Morro dos Prazeres

First action of our association in Rio, we were impatient and moved. We went to the favela Morro dos Prazeres to give thirty t-shirts of the Rhône Committee and 4 balls of the CNVB. Children were thrilled and so we do. Your donations, increasing, enabled the delivery of the equipment to Rio. They prove your…
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