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“Le sport va chercher la peur pour la dominer, la fatigue pour en triompher, la difficulté pour la vaincre.”
Baron Pierre de Coubertin

HumS is an NGO mixing Sport and Humanitarian which aim is to provide sports equipment to children who are missing it.
By making a donation to HumS, you can win the shirts given by the sportmen who supported us



They support us

A huge thank you to them, who didn’t hesitate to support us

David Trézeguet, French Football team (retired) (official t-shirt of Euro 2016)

Thierry Omeyer, French Handball team and player in Paris (France) (shirt)

Sébastien Chabal, French Rubgy team (retired) (shirt)

Florent Manaudou, French Swimming team  (bathing cap)

Delphine Lansac, French Badminton team and player in Oullins (France) (shirt)

ASVEL, Professionnal men Basketball team and Champion of France 2016 (shirt)

Sergio Santos, Brazilian Volley-Ball team and player in Sao Paulo (Brazil) (shirt)
Antonin Rouzier, French Volley-Ball team and Istanbul (Turkey) (shirt)
Nicolas Le Goff, French Volley-Ball team and Berlin (Germany) (shirt)
Nicolas Maréchal, French Volley-Ball team and Istanbul (Turkey) (shirt)
Marta Menegatti, Italia Beach Volley-Ball team (bra)
Les Béziers Angels, Professional women Volley-Ball team (France) (shirt)
Pays d’Aix Venelles, Professional women Volley-Ball team (France) (shirt)
Eczacibasi VitrA Team, Professional women Volley-Ball team (Turkey) (shirt)
Paris Volley, Professional men Volley-Ball team and Champion of France 2016 (shirt)
Asul Lyon, Professional men Volley-Ball team (France) (shirt)
Chaumont 52, Professional men Volley-Ball team (France) (shirt)
Belgian National Volley-Ball team (shirt)

English National Field Hockey Team (shirt)
Hassan Sardar, Pakistan Field Hockey Team (two shirts no autographed)

Scotland National Curling Team (head coach jacket),
Germany National Curling Team (team jersey)
Sweden National Curling Team (head coach and player jersey)
Denmark National Curling Team (team jersey)

All these clothes are autographed !